CES 2013: Screen protector gives iPhone a 3D display

Thanks to clever engineering from iPhone accessory company Nanoveu, a 3D display is a reality on the iPhone…sort of.

Today Nanoveu announced a new screen protector that has small, almost invisible, designs on its surface that gives select images on the screen a 3D appearance. What’s more, the film does not affect the usability of the touch screen in any way. Now, to be clear, the film does not transform every home screen animation and video you take into a 3D experience, but if you load your iPhone with 3D movies or any other content designed to be 3D, this film will make facilitate that effect. It is also possible that application could be built to utilize the film’s 3D capabilities, but none currently exist.

The screen protector will be launching in March, and will only set you back $20. Is this something that you would use? And do any of you already have 3D movies downloaded on your iPhone or would you have to download movies for this to work?

Source: Cult of Mac

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