CES 2013: RokForm launching new iPhone 5 dock

RokForm has announced its new iPhone 5 charging dock. The new RokDock announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, is a sturdy dock that utilizes Apple’s new Lightning connector. The RokDock is a 3 pound dock made of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs in at 3 pounds. Many lighter docks have been criticized for requiring the use of a second hand to hold down the dock. RokForm’s RokDock eliminates this with heavy and solid build quality.

The design is industrial, and stands out among a market full of chrome, plastic and simplistic design. This is a solution for those needing something a little more substantial and unique.

The docking solution is available from RokForm’s website  now for $99. Is a heavier dock something that you would find helpful to eliminate the need for a second hand to undock your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: App Advice

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  • WolfIlandlButler

    I think it is more of a problem for the 30-pin connector than the Lightning one.

  • ThomasMarblePeak

    I assume you supply your own lightning cable.  Web site a bit sparse on that detail.