CES 2013: Otterbox Armor Series for iPhone – Hands On [Gallery]

Otterbox has just announced its new Armor series cases for iPhone. The range offers tank-like protection from the world’s most trusted case brand. Taylor was there to get a hands on with the iPhone 4/4S version which is due to be released on February 22nd, with the iPhone 5 version being released a little later. It certainly looks bulky, but, its protective qualities will undoubtedly be unrivaled. The case is priced at an expectedly hefty $99.95, sure looks worth it though.

What do you think? Is it the best Otterbox case yet? Sound off in the comments or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

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  • mgmiller68

    Hi, Cam. I agree: It does look pretty bulky for the iPhone 4S. I received an e-mail from Otterbox, by the way, saying that it will also be available for the iPhone 5 on Feb. 22nd (in addition to the 4/4S).
    But I think it might get overshadowed by Optrix’s new XD5 case for the iPhone 5, which is only $30 more (at $129.95), but in my opinion, it’s worth it for a number of reasons:
    1) Greater waterproofing depth (Optrix is for a maximum of 15 ft, whereas the Otterbox’s max depth is only 6.6 ft (and for only 30 mins at 6.6 ft). Although I couldn’t find specifics on Optrix’s web site about how long the iPhone would survive at a max depth of 15 ft, there’s an article posted on their web site about a guy who’s iPhone 4 was submerged in their case for 3 weeks, and he said the iPhone still works
    2) Crushproof-ness: Although Optrix’s web site doesn’t use the term “crushproof”, it has a video of an iPhone in their case surviving being run over by a 3-ton diesel truck (Otterbox Armor is supposed to sustain up to 2-tons of crushing force from what I remember)
    3) The Optrix case for the iPhone 5 has a built-in wide angle lens as well as a mount for using it on your bike’s handlebars, for instance
    Optrix’s case for the iPhone 5 will be available sooner, on Feb. 5th (as opposed to Feb. 22nd for Otterbox’s Armor series).
    So I’m not sure yet, but the Optrix sounds like the winner here. I’ll be curious as to what kinds of ratings both cases will receive when they start getting reviewed.
    And by the way, “no”, I don’t work for Optrix. :-)

  • CodySimshauser

    iv heard people complain about case bulk but wowowowow thats a massive case. if you need it yea get it but wow need new pockets for that one haha

  • mgmiller68

    Another note about the Optrix XD5: I believe it’ll survive a fall from at least 10 feet in height, maybe even 15 feet (check their web site for the specifics). I don’t remember what the Otterbox’s stats are. But the Otterbox Armor series also promises dust-proof protection (I don’t recall what the Optrix’s stats are for being dust-proof, if it’s case is dust-proof at all — it probably is, but I don’t remember). Best way to determine what case works best for you is to go to both manufacturers’ web sites and do a comparison, in addition to waiting for full hands-on reviews.