CES 2013: New iPhone 5 case has back display for notifications

For iPhone users who wish they had an LED notification light other than the camera flash, Endliss has a case for you.

The new Endliss Smartcase is a new accessory being shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show this week that has an LED display on the back for notifications. The case can alert users of notifications from Twitter, Facebook, texts, as well as phone calls. The case allows animations to be customized for each notification.

The Smartcase is compatible with the iPhone 5 and uses the Lightning connector and also requires a Bluetooth connection at all times. Fortunately, Endliss was kind enough to put a 1500mAh battery to power the case, and hopefully counter out the drain on the battery from using a constant Bluetooth connection.

The 8×16 grid on the back allows for multiple colors and customizable patterns for the notifications. Is this the ultimate solution for iPhone notifications, or are you waiting for a better solution to come along? Use the comments below to let us know!

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Chip Chick

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  • lean6rtj2

    It’s just mind boggling why the iPhone hasn’t included organic LED notification yet. I’m making one of my usual layovers with the iPhone in between Androids…because that’s just how I roll, but I may suddenly wake up tomorrow and have the Galaxy Note 2 back in my hands. You wouldn’t catch me running around with some contraption like this on my iPhone just for the sake of LED…having to case the phone is bad enough. I’d just rather do without and pretend to like not having LED notification.

  • Morning_Glory95

    @lean6rtj2 you actually don’t ‘have to’ case the iPhone 5 as the screen is tested tougher than the galaxy s III. But I’m wondering the cost on this thing…and a constant Bluetooth connection? Unless the Bluetooth is 4.0 that thing is going to drain quick! Not worth the purchase, I’m thinking.

  • lutharmark

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  • It’s a neat idea, but I really don’t think are tired of having to turn their phones over to see notifications. Are we getting that lazy?