CES 2013: iPhone friendly Pebble smart watch to ship on Jan. 23rd for $150

Right now if you head over to Livestream you’ll catch the back end of Pebble’s smart watch presentation at CES 2013. You can also scroll back through the video to start from the beginning (around the 16 min mark). The watch itself has an E-paper display, and connects to iPhone and Android phones. It’s also one of the most backed KickStarter projects in the crowd-funding site’s history.

The CEO just announced that the Pebble watch is now in mass production, and will start shipping from the end of January. They’ll apparently take around 6-8 weeks to catch up with the KickStarter demand. During the live event he covered many subjects including the software, the display and the open nature of the platform. It connects to iPhone using a very low consumption Bluetooth connection and is compatible with every iPhone since the 3GS iPod touch running iOS 5 or 6.

One particularly interesting point was the magnetic charging method. In order to keep its water resistant rating, the watch has a MagSafe style, custom head on the end of the USB cable which connects without any gaping holes, to keep the unit sealed. It’s certainly a very popular smart watch, and I’m eager to get my hands on one.

To pre-order one, head on over to getpebble.com.

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