CES 2013: IBattz releases iPhone 5 battery case

iBattz has beaten other companies to the punch this year when it comes to battery cases for the iPhone 5. iBattz announced its new “Mojo Refuel” and “Mojo Armor” cases today. These iPhone accessories are both powered by interchangeable 2200mAh batteries.

Both the Refuel and Armor case are very similar. The Refuel case is a more streamlined case that is built to provide extra battery, whereas the Armor version is built for power and protection, providing extra ruggedness to protect your new iPhone 5. The Refuel is also available in both black and white, with either silver or red bands around the outside of the case. The Armor is available in black with orange trim with a silver band around the perimeter of the case. Both cases also will ship with a USB port for charging and syncing since the case will plug into the iPhone’s Lightning connector.

If you’re interested in picking up either of these new iBattz cases, the Mojo Refuel will be available in February for $89.90 and the Mojo Armor will be released in March with a price tag of $99.90. Are you going to go for the slimmer Refuel, or the powerhouse Armor? Let us know in the comments below!


Via: Engadget

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