CES 2013: Cookoo, iPhone-compatible smart watch launched

If there’s one type of technology that’s gained massive popularity in 2012, it’s the wearable kind. We’ve seen all kinds of smart watches, and fitness trackers announced and/or launched. One of my favorites to hit KickStarter last year was the Cookoo connected watch. Unlike its rivals (Pebble etc) it has an analogue clock face, and displays icons for various notifications underneath on the small, round display.

If – like me – you’ve been eagerly awaiting its launch, the wait is now over. The Cookoo is available in five colors now from the online store, setting you back $129. You can also purchase a sate of different colored watch straps, and a keyfob ($49.99 and $39.99 respectively.)

Perhaps the best features of the watch are: 1) The open API which will allow app developers to build compatibility in to their Android/iOS apps. 2) The dedicated button which can be used as a remote control for geo-tagging locations, checking in to Facebook or taking a photo from your phone’s camera. Pretty neat right?

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