CES 2013: Bluetooth 4.0 enabled fitness wristband announced by Fitbit

Fitbit, as its name would suggest, is the maker of various unique and interesting tech-related fitness products, and its latest device was announced just this morning. Called the Flex, it is a wristband that tracks fitness and sleep and features Bluetooth 4.0 to sync data to select iOS and Android devices. The surprisingly hi-tech gadget is available for pre-order now, and will ship this spring.

Dubbed “the first and only wristband on the market to sync with Bluetooth 4.0”, the wristband will track the usual stuff;  steps, distance traveled  calories burned, but includes LEDs to easily show progress, and even collects data on sleep for the user to wirelessly check their sleeping patterns on-the-go with their smartphone.

If you fancy the Flex, pull together $99.95 and head over to Fitbit’s website where you can pre-order your device.


Via: 9to5Mac

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