Car smashes in to Apple store in Lincoln Park, Chicago

We’ve seen stories of smash-and-grab attempts at Apple stores before. Cars crashing through the store’s beautiful glass front in order to grab a sackful of iGoodies before making off with the loot. A similar event occurred at the Apple store in Lincoln Park near Chicago, Illinois on Sunday evening at 6:30. One person was taken to a local hospital, but no one else was reported hurt or injured as the car smashed through the front and came to a stop near the headphone wall display.

Unlike previous stories, there doesn’t seem to be any intent to steal anything. The car broke through during opening hours. It’s unclear as to why the driver did what they did. It could well be that they just lost control of their car. Perhaps they just had the intent to vandalize the building. Who knows. It’s unlikely that the store will open today, but we’ll keep you updated if we hear anymore.


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