Bill Gates refutes claims that his kids asked for Apple products

You may remember a story that emerged at the start of this month which claimed that Bill Gates bought Windows Surfaces for his kids for Christmas, instead of the Macs and iPads they asked for. According to the UK’s Radio 4, his wife said the following in an interview at the time:

(Asked whether her kids ask for Apple products)“of course they ask (…) but they get Windows technology (…) The wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?”

However, Bill Gates himself has recently denied this in an interview with Fox, claiming that his kids “never asked” and that “It would be interesting if they did ask”. He also added at the end of the video “they love their Windows phones and they love their Windows PCs.”

If you fancy watching the video of Fox’s interview with Microsoft’s founder, check it out here. Most of the interview is taken up with Gates’ other involvements, with only the last minute or so being dedicated to technology, nevertheless, it’s still an interesting watch.



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