AT&T Q4 earnings are in: Sold 10.2M smartphones, 84% were iPhones

AT&T Building

This week is all about Q4 earnings for most companies. We’ve had Verizon and Apple both showing their hands, today it was AT&T’s turn. Overall, it was a pretty successful quarter for the States’ second most popular carrier. Similar to its biggest competitor, AT&T posted a loss due to Hurricane Sandy costs and pension valuation changes. In total the network operator lost $3.9 billion (68 cents a share).

What’s encouraging, from an Apple fan’s point of view, is just how many iPhones “Big Blue” sold in Q4. Out of 10.2 million smartphones, 8.6 million were iPhones. For those of you who like percentages, that’s a jaw-dropping 84% of its smartphones. Pretty incredible. This result means that it still sells more iPhones than VZW, who sold 6.2 million Apple handsets last quarter.

While profits are down for both of the two most popular carriers, people are still buying plenty of smartphones. Particularly those bearing the Apple brand.


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