Apple to move from current Tokyo HQ to Robbongi Hills

Reports from Bloomberg via 9to5 Mac are suggesting that Apple is planning to move from its current Japan headquarters in Toyko. Apple currently operates from the Shinjuku region of Toyko, however latest reports show that Apple plans to move to the stunning 54-storey Robbongi Hills complex in the centre of the capital.


Reports are suggesting that the move is scheduled for as early as April, following the revelation that Apple did not renew its lease with its current landlord, a sure sign of relocation. Bloomberg reports that Apple is looking to occupy one or two floors of the complex, which is currently home to business, a hotel, a movie theater and luxury apartments.

It appears that plummeting rental prices in the centre of Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolis, is one of the reasons behind the move. Also, a more central location will be beneficial to the logistics of Apple’s business, especially in the wake of such exponential growth in Asia. Apple is also planning to build a new data center in Hong Kong in the near future, along with its space-age campus in the U.S.

If you’re a fan of shiny buildings and awesome views, it seems that Apple is definitely the place to seek employment.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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