Apple to buy social navigation company, Waze?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Apple’s in-house Maps program has landed on its back. It’s been widely criticized for not finding points of interest, cities, even skewing famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Although Cupertino and TomTom are both working hard to solve the issues, we’re still yet to see a remarkable update. Needless to say, most users were delighted when Google eventually released Maps on the App Store as it soon became the most popular app.

One of the most sought after alternatives to Maps during the “Mapsgate” period has been Waze, the social-powered navigation app which collates information from its users to build an accurate turn-by-turn program.

Rumors are that Apple is looking to buy Waze to help fill out its Maps with better data. This along with the speculated buy-out of Foursquare would lead to Cupertino’s Maps people being overloaded with a lot of new information to sift through and sort. It could well make a bigger mess than what’s already in iOS 6.

Right now, this is just a rumor and both companies refused to comment on it having been reached out to by TechCrunch. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Via: TechCrunch

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  • MediaCritiquerDotCom

    This is what happens when you piss off the largest names in software and hardware (i.e., Google, Samsung)…you eventually box yourself in.  Good luck to Apple…no Google maps (except via an app that gives Google everything they originally wanted from Apple re ad dollars) and no Samsung components.  Apple is like Dell – a great marketer that can create great user experiences, but it can’t to everything by itself.

  • RichTietjens

    If the Apple execs attempt to go to meetings with Waze execs to discuss the acquisition, they had better not use Apple Maps to navigate, or they’ll be talking to Bushmen in the Outback.