Apple planning a 128GB iPad/iPhone? Latest firmware points towards higher capacity device

A couple of new reports suggest that Apple is at least looking in to at least one iOS device carrying double the storage capacity of anything available on the market right now. Firstly, having looked within iOS 6.1 beta 5’s firmware yesterday iDownloadBlog notes that the firmware makes allowances for a device with 128GB flash storage.



Now, this doesn’t mean that Apple is definitely going to release a 128GB iPhone or iPad, but, it’s a strong indication that Cupertino’s engineers are testing one. 9to5Mac weighed in with information from its own sources too.



According to the site’s informant, Apple is planning on adding a 128GB model to its existing 4th generation iPad lineup. The source made it clear that this wasn’t a brand new design. Simply an addition to the current range. Same design, same device just with a higher capacity. As with the current iPad with Retina, it’ll supposedly come in black and white, Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi plus cellular and be available for educational institutes in 10-pack deals. However, there’s no news on price, but if it follows suit with the current $100 increments, it’s not going to be cheap. At all.

It’s worth noting, that no matter how reputable or reliable the source is, rumors are just rumors until Apple announces something. We’ve not yet seen any leaked images or videos of Apple testing a 128GB device. If the company is, we will see one at some point prior to its release.

Do you think Apple needs to release a 128GB device or is the current lineup enough? Will it cost too much?

Via: 9to5Mac, iDB


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