Apple no longer the largest chip customer, Samsung takes the lead


Well this hasn’t happened in a while. Samsung has passed Apple to become the largest chip-set buyer in the world. These semiconducters would be going towards its growing line of smartphones and tablets. Combined, these two companies, Samsung and Apple dominate the rest in terms of how much they spend in this industry, adding up to a total $45.3 billion. Just, wow, that is a lot. In terms of percentage, combined the two companies were 15% of total global purchases. One reason accounting for Samsung’s jump was the increase in spending by 28.9%, while Apple only rose 13.6%. The next closest, HP, dropped 12.7% but still held the position from last year, while spending $14 billion, and accounting for 4.7%. It looks like Samsung and Apple are just more so putting themselves out there in the mobile market, each helping to lead the post-PC era.

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Via: ZDNet, Gartner

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  • jabombardier

    I am just keeping in mind that samsung makes TV’s also and maybe some of those chips go to those devices.