Apple launches cellular iPad minis in China

China iPad Mini

Apple began sales of its new cellular data enabled iPad mini and fourth-gen iPad in China this morning. China is one of the largest emerging technology markets, and the market for iPads and iPhones are quickly growing.

Apple launched its WiFi only version of its tablet back in December. The new slate is available on the networks of both China Telecom and China Unicom for all size variants. According to Apple’s website, the iPads are currently on two-week backorder. According to CNET, this delay is not exclusive to the cellular version of the tablet, but applies to the WiFi only version as well. The mini tablet’s WiFi version has been sold out for about six weeks now, and Apple is currently attempting to meet demand internationally for the 7.9 inch iPad. The iPad minis will start at 3,488 yuan ($560) for the 16GB version, and up to 5,088 ($820) for the 64GB version.

Sources: Apple Insider, CNET

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