Apple is locking App Store screenshots to stop scams

Apple announced today its latest effort to stop scams in the App Store for iOS devices. Apple is going to start locking screenshots of apps when they are submitted.

This step comes as a growing number of developers upload their apps to the App Store, and then later change the screenshots to trick users into buying their app. The developers upload screenshots of games and apps that are not their own, and users are then tricked into paying for an app that they didn’t want.  Apple is officially enforcing the new rules starting today.

From Apple’s statement:

Beginning January 9, app screenshots will be locked in iTunes Connect once your app has been approved. New screenshots may be uploaded when you submit a binary for an update to an existing app or a new app. For more information on capturing and using screenshots, read the Xcode User Guide.

Apple hopes this new rule for the App Store will cut down on scams in the App Store. Have you ever been scammed into buying an app because of the screenshots, only to find out that you were scammed? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Apple Insider

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  • That is why we have Android, which is not much that strict than iOs.

  • Richard6R

    @Phone System Yes, android. With all the malware apps that put ads into your notifications or worse, steal your information. definitely better than iOS.

  • @Richard6R  @Phone System hahah.. IKR.. i switched from a note 2 to a iphone 5 because of all the ads i get..