Apple iPhone global market share grew by 47% in 2012

When it comes to shipping quantities of smartphones (or any phone for that matter) no one tops Samsung. With the rising popularity of its high-end Galaxy S range as well as the attractive low-end devices like the Galaxy Ace, it has ensured every corner of the market is covered. And it tells. Last year it was one of only two companies to show growth in market share and shipments. The other, as I’m sure you knew already, was Apple.


Apple showed an impressive 46.9% growth on 2011 thanks to shipping 137 million iPhones during 2012. It also saw its market share grow from 18.8% in 2011 to 25.1% in 2012. Samsung was the only other company to grow, and that it did astonishingly showing growth of 129% and shipping 216 million handsets and taking almost 40% of all global smartphone shipments.

Other notable companies (Nokia, HTC and RIM) all showed a decline in shipment volume. None more so than the Lumia-makers who only shipped 35 million handsets compared to 77 million the year previous.

As Windows Phone 8 and BB10 both see a full calendar year on the market in 2013, it’ll interesting to see if the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry can start to gain ground on their competitors again. Let’s hope so, for sanity’s sake.

Via: AppleInsider

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