Apple gets sued by another railway, this time Russian Railways

Apple seems to have a thing with railroads, it would seem. If you remember, back in October of last year Apple had an issue with the Swiss Federal Railway Service over the clock interface for the iPad in iOS 6. That ended in a simple licensing agreement, but it showed that even Apple was guilty sometimes. Now however, it seems that Russian Railways (RZD) wants in, and it wants $65,000. No one is really clear on what exactly this case is dealing with at the moment. Reports are indicating however that it may have to do with the logo being used in the App Store without permission. It would seem that 3rd party apps are using the logo, and the RZD isn’t happy. This isn’t really Apple’s fault though, as the company is not the one making the apps. I would expect to see these pulled from the store soon, therefore eliminating the reason for the suit’s filing.

What do you think? Should the railways have sued the app companies instead? Will Apple simply pull the apps? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, TechCrunch

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