Apple expected to have sold 50 million iPhones, 24 million iPads last quarter

It was just announced that Apple will be releasing its Q1 2013 earnings on January 23rd, and now we are starting to hear some predictions. Rob Cihra, of Evercore Partners, has put his prediction of the total iPhones sold during this past quarter at around 50 million. This would be an increase of around 35% year-over-year, and a crazy 86% increase from the previous quarter. However, the quarter before last was skewed by people waiting on Apple to announce what would become the iPhone 5, leading to lower sales than usual.

On the iPad side of things, it is expected that Cupertino sold a total of 24 million of its sought after tablet. That’s a 56% year-over-year increase, and 71% over the previous quarter. He expects that the increase in iPad sales are mostly being derived from the oh-so-popular iPad mini that was recently released, as demand for the tiny tablet is still high, and supply is low. I don’t doubt that part at all, as I heard nothing but “I got an iPad for Christmas!” all over the social network sites.

What do you think? Recently get an iPad or iPhone? What do you make of these numbers? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • mrmarkdemaio

    I didn’t get one but I bought 1 mini and two iPad4’s as gifts!