Patents awarded to Apple in 2012 totaled 1,136 – up 68% from 2011

You hear all the time about patents going through Apple, but I bet you didn’t know that not all of them are covered in the news. How many articles would there be if we covered every single patent? 1,136 total, and that is only in 2012. Apple was awarded a total of 1,136 patents over the course of this past year, and that was up 68% from 2011. It over doubled the amount of patents awarded, ranging from the iPhone to unannounced products, and everything in between. This put it in 22nd place for the most awarded patents. Yes, 22nd, and you thought Apple patented everything.

Google came just ahead with 1,151 patents, and, in an astounding 2nd place out of all companies worldwide – Samsung. Samsung took in just over 5,000 (5,081 for those curious). Other top ten tech companies include Foxconn at 8th place (2,013), Microsoft in 6th (2,613), Sony in 4th (3,032), and for the 20th straight year, IBM was in 1st, with 6,478 patents awarded in 2012. Apple was ranked only 39th last year, after receiving a mere 676 patents. Obviously it took Steve Jobs’ advice and patented everything it could.

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Via: PhoneArena, AppleInsider, USPTO

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