App Store in 2012 saw 3.5 times more revenue than Google Play



It’s been said over and over again – Apple users are more likely to buy software on their mobile devices. Well, Android users did a good job at out growing the App Store last year, but the Play Store didn’t claim the title of most revenue. That title, yet again, went to the App Store. This past year, Apple’s App Store brought in 3.5 times the revenue of Google’s Play Store. However, with the Play Store outgrowing itself by 6 times its size prior to that of last year, it shows that it is beginning to become a real competition to the App Store. Apple’s reports for the App Store showed an average of $333 million a month in revenue from June to December. As usual, there were increases around the launch of new devices, which included the iPad mini and iPhone 5. In my opinion, the reason the App Store is still able to outpace the Play Store is because of quality. Sure, it also has quantity on its side by about 100,000 apps, but the quality of iOS apps are what have really let the App Store stay ahead.

What do you think? Do you buy apps through the App Store? What’s the most you’ve paid? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iMore, Bloomberg

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  • jabombardier

    I believe it’s because there are more free apps available on the play store than that of the app store.

  • DonovanJS

    @jabombardier Agreed

  • androidfanboy

    Because most of us dont have money okay, iPhones and iPads are for rich people. Ugh, I loves android forever!

  • jabombardier

    @androidfanboy i guess those rich people are the ones buying apps. However they also stay rich because they don’t need to keep changing phones to get the latest update or to get a phone that consistently works well. Android is superior but it’s not reliable. Just going by my experiences.

  • FirstAndroid

    @jabombardier You see so many apps that are 1.99 3.99 on iTunes but are free on the play store, so they’re bragging about ripping people off lol

  • jabombardier

    @FirstAndroid that should be reserved for Android for some of the paid apps on Android cost more than on ios at times.

  • androidfanboy

    @jabombardier Sorry but most of us android users dont have a stable and substantial income. Poor people unite!

  • jabombardier

    @androidfanboy that’s where you are wrong. A lot of us android users are well off or have stable income.