Amazon lawsuit dismissed by court following Apple’s claims of false advertising

Apple has been fighting Amazon in court after it filed for false advertising with its “App Store” trademark back in 2011, but news has surfaced today stating that the court has “dismissed” Apple’s claim in favor of Amazon in this part of the lawsuit. This follows information received back in September that Amazon had asked the court to do just that, appealing for the dismissal of the case.

Amazon’s app market is named “Amazon Appstore”, leading Apple to file for the false advertising claim, since its market is simply named “App Store” (for those who are new to Apple).

The dismissal was helped by part of Amazon’s appeal in which the company told the court that Apple was using the phrase “App Store” as a general term to describe the stores of competitors, leading the court to believe that use of term did not violate any trademarks.

Essentially, Apple lost the case because of its lack of sufficient evidence to prove Amazon’s supposed use of false advertising. Apple is still in court over keeping its “App Store” trademark.

The Verge has now uploaded the court’s filing, so if you’d like a detailed analysis of the case, check it out here.


Via: 9to5Mac


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