AAPL stock drops over 10% following best quarter earnings

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It’s no secret that since September 2012, AAPL stock hasn’t exactly been a favorite among investors. And, following the below par earnings results of Apple’s Q4 (everyone else’s Q3), it made sense that Apple’s value dropped a little. Sales and revenue didn’t meet expectations. When that happens, stock generally always drops in value.

But, what if analysts are really wrong in their predictions? What if “market experts” report on weak demand for an Apple product? Stock still goes down. And, if said company has its best ever quarter and sells almost 50 million units of the device supposedly in “weak demand”, surely stock goes up right? Nope. Investors are still uncertain about Apple, apparently more so after the earnings call than before.

Earlier today Apple’s stock price was rising nicely and hit a peak of 515. Since the market shut, after hours trading has AAPL down over 10% to a ridiculously low 459.00 at time of writing. I guess the problem is, investors listen too much to analysts and not to – you know – actual numbers and figures. I can’t imagine any other company making $13 billion profit in three months and seeing its stock value drop.

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