$635 thousand worth of counterfeit Lightning products seized by Alaskan customs

We’ve been seeing a whole load of crimes relating to Apple recently. It’s only been four days since news surfaced that Apple’s flagship store in France had been hit by armed robbers, resulting in an estimated loss of around $1.3M. That happened less than a week ago, but it seems that 2013 hasn’t gone too well for Apple so far, as counterfeit goods are already an issue, with a colossal $635k worth of fake Lightning products being seized by US customs in Alaska.

The haul of goods was discovered during a routine check of a Chinese plane that was set to arrive at numerous locations in the US. Those who found the illegal accessories announced how they appeared to be perfect copies of Apple’s Lightning cables, even featuring Underwriters Laboratories trademark icons and Apple logos. The detail of the counterfeit cables wasn’t admired for long, however, as the customs agency destroyed them all (more than half a million dollars worth).

Apparently, it was the packaging of the electronics that gave away their true identity, as – according to the Alaska Dispatch – the products were sealed in “cardboard blister packs that were sub-standard compared to Apple’s trademark white packaging.”, prompting those who found them to take a closer look and discover the cheap knock-offs.

Counterfeit goods are no new discovery to customs across the globe, in-fact, millions of dollars worth of fake Apple-themed products alone are found and disposed of every year in the US, and there are still plenty of spurious Apple goods out there.


Via: 9to5Mac


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