$40 translucent iPhone kit launched by iPhone5mod

If, when the iPhone 5 was announced back in September, you thought that it didn’t look ’90s’ enough, then iPhone5mod has come to your aid, with a translucent shell that replaces your standard iPhone 5 body. The mod completely changes the back and sides of your device, likening it to the iMac G3s of old with the translucent shell. As you may expect, the front of the device is not changed because of the more complex technology required to make the iPhone’s touchscreen work.

The mod will certainly make you stand out from the rest of the iPhone crowd (whether that’s a good thing or not, you decide), and for the first 48 hours of availability, iPhone5mod will throw in all 7 of the range of colors for the top and bottom windows for the user to mix and match, but without the offer, people wanting the mod will have to choose one color for these parts.

If you fancy this mod, you can pick it up from the maker’s website at $39.90. Whats more, if you want every color that iPhone5mod has to offer, you can buy a kit for $169 that contains all flavors of the mod.

Get a closer look in the video below:

Via: Mac Rumors


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