$150 gas card giveaway courtesy of Scout by Telenav

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This week we celebrated our 3rd anniversary, and we’ve teamed up with Telenav to offer you the chance to win one of two gas cards; one for $100 and one for $50. Two lucky winners will get their hands on these awesome prizes, and entry couldn’t be simpler. A little about Scout by Telenav:

Essentially, it’s a GPS app with a difference. It offers a great range of options including the ability to check out great places, events and other points of interest near you, and is always learning about the places you like to visit to become more personal to you. The App Store description says it best:

With personalized GPS navigation, you’ll always get the information that’s most important to you – with fewer clicks and hassles – so you can discover and decide where to go and how to get there faster.

•My Dashboard: Get home faster with personalized commute times

•My Places: Save and share the places you love

•My Search: Find it faster as Scout learns your friends, favorites, and recent places

•Traffic: Avoid traffic without distractions 

•Nearby: Discover things to do near you, including restaurants, food, cheap gas, music and movies

•Navigation: Join millions of people and get personalized GPS navigation with free voice guidance

It’s a free download, so go check it out, and if you love it, there are subscription options available via in-app purchasing to unlock other features like “Always There” maps for offline navigation. As written by our own Jennifer Beese in her review of the app a little while back:

“If you’re looking for a robust navigation app, I suggest downloading Scout immediately. It might be hard to tear yourself away from Google Maps, but don’t let that deter you from taking Scout for a test drive, literally.”

As you can tell, we’re really impressed by the application and we’re thrilled to be teaming up with them to offer you the chance to win fuel for your car. It’s not just us that are impressed, customer ratings of the app average at 4.5 stars out of 5 on the App Store. It’s fantastic.

Check out Scout’s Facebook page, and for those on Twitter you can follow them, @Scout.


If you want a chance to win a gas card, all you have to do is comment below (in the comments section) and tell us where the coolest place you’ve driven to is. That’s it. It could be anywhere; next door, one thousand miles a way, or somewhere completely unexpected.

We’ll pick the two winners randomly on Monday, January 28th and announce them that day. Winner gets a $100 gas card and Runner-Up will get $50. DRAW WILL BE MADE AT 5PM EASTERN ON MONDAY, JAN. 28.

Good luck to you all!

Rules of Entry

1. You must be at least 18 years old and live in the continental U.S. For various reasons (mostly that the gas cards are only redeemable in the States) we can’t offer this to anyone outside the USA. Apologies to anyone not included in that, but we are working on doing more international giveaways soon.

2. Once the winner is selected, you will be contacted to ask for confirmation of your shipping address so we can get you your prize. Please respond in good time. There’s a good chance we’ll offer the prize to someone else if you don’t.

3. Winners are chosen at random. So, no trying to bribe me with candy. You can offer me candy, but it won’t make a difference to who I pick. I do like candy. A lot.

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  • nancychew

    Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. My favorite road trip was a last minute decision to be part of the Sundance Film Festival. We drove all the way from Los Angeles to Park City.

  • mansfieldaces

    Camping (in a tent) in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole Wyoming.

  • sJdp

    I did the Dalton highway alone…all the way to Deadhorse and back.

  • brookstaylorh

    I flew to Germany once, stayed for a day and drove to Paris. Fun trip!

  • eduardoig17

    The coolest place I have traveled to was Washington DC. I really liked seeing all the monuments

  • robertmarseille

    burning man in the black rock desert of nevada i go every year

  • jw55701

    I’ve driven most of the Blue Rdge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia. There’s only a few sections we haven’t been on.

  • englanderjeff

    The Hana Highway on Maui. We did all 60 miles in about 3 hours. I enjoyed  seeing all the small towns. The road was really twisty too. Lots of  fun.

  • TheRealDPCooper

    sedona az, probably nowhere else on earth like it. reminded me of mars.

  • Jorian W

    Drove to meet Corridor Digital in Stillwater, MN to shoot the new video coming out on Jan 28,13. It’s a similar remake to the “DayZ” game.

  • MichaelDem

    Hollywood (or is it Hollyweird?)

  • justbeingjessica

    memphis 2 c graceland

  • classic_hero


  • superballstar8

    we drove to brownville texas..there wasnt much to see alon the way but it waz fun when we got their

  • veronicafromtheblock

    My grandparents live in Mesa Az. It’s a long drive but I always like visiting them

  • ajm135

    The grand canyon

  • Edder_1224

    So who won?

  • JessicaWebster
  • MiguelMartinez

    New York

  • Jorian W

    @MiguelMartinez It’s over.

  • Bonnie C

    The coolest place I’ve driven to is Oklahoma. The drive wasn’t all that but seeing my daughter at the end of it was the best!