ZooGue is offering $0.99 stocking stuffers for a limited time

Christmas is coming up, and for all of you that celebrate said holiday most likely know what stockings are. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, this also can apply to you as well, so don’t fret. ZooGue, a well known accessories manufacturer for Apple products (and others), is having a “Stocking Stuffer” special, which is it has 3 products (see above image) for only $0.99. Yes, only 99 cents (well, plus shipping and handling). This sale ends December 9th, so better hurry! Limited supplies are available. All you have to do is use “99Special” as the promo code. You can get to these products here: ZooGue.

Full Press Release Info:

ZooGue announces a limited time discount on their most popular stocking stuffers for iPhone 5.  Beginning today, online shoppers can use promo code “99Special” to get a great deal on three mobile accessories that will keep the device looking good as new.  With an iPhone 5 case, stylus + pen, and screen protector at $0.99 each (plus shipping and handling), build the perfect protective package for your favorite iPhone 5 fan.

Stocking Stuffers Include:

•    ZooGue iPhone 5 Social Pro Case – the perfect protection for your social device made from a special TPU. It’s slim, lightweight, and has a comfortable soft surface making your iPhone 5 look and feel great while being protected
•    ZooGue tablet stylus – hybrid pen and stylus with touch capacity, this tool is the perfect companion for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Xoom & more
•    ZooGue High Grade Shield Screen Protector – provides an ultra-smooth scratch resistant surface that is easy to apply to iPhone 5

How much?  Each item is $0.99 plus shipping and handling.

Available Now: http://www.zoogue.com/stocking-stuffers-0-99-special/

About ZooGue
ZooGue is a leading developer of mobile accessories, including iPad Cases, that enhance and protect today’s technology. The brain child of inventor, Tim Angel, ZooGue is constantly striving for exciting opportunities to push technology to the next level with innovative designs and quality products.  Tim Angel has been known to test technology in extreme situations, pitting the latest gadgets against the elements just to see what will happen.  See him try an iPad in ice and lava.  Built on customer service and entrepreneurship, ZooGue is also committed to giving back.  We donate $1.00 from each and every product sold to help children around the world. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest at www.ZooGue.com.

I know I’m going to be getting some gifts through this, as it really is a fantastic deal. ZooGue has always been a reliable company that makes some great products.

What do you think? Interested in getting something? Wish other companies would do this? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.

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  • Limited supplies are available. All you have to do is use “99Special” as the promo code.

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