What would make an Apple TV awesome? [Editorial]

As I’m sure you’ve heard, last week Tim Cook gave his first ever public interview with NBC’s Brian Williams. In the 20 minute piece Cook commented on a range of issues regarding Apple, the iPhone, wider business ethics and his personal life. However, the most intriguing piece of information came when he was asked about an Apple TV. In typical Cook fashion, he didn’t give much away, but he did claim that the TV market had been “left behind”, and that it was an area of “intense interest”.

From this, I think it’s safe to say that Apple are definitely exploring this concept in great detail, whilst it might not guarantee that there is an HD Apple television set on its way, it certainly shows that Apple are considering the prospect. That got me thinking, what sort of things would Apple need to implement into an HD television to make it stand out from the crowd, here are some of my thoughts.

High definition televisions, whilst sleek and well designed, are all essentially black rectangles, often with sharp edges and awkward designs, especially on the rear of the television. Granted, you watch the front of the television, not the back, but it would still be nice to see a little more thought and effort put into a TV’s design. That being said, design is an area where Apple seems to really thrive. I’m picturing a sleek, brushed aluminum housing very similar to the latest iMac. Minimalist and beautiful, with plenty of practical additions too, probably wall mounting and the usual range of connectivity options, HDMI input, maybe some memory card readers too. The design of an Apple HDTV would certainly be one of its most unique and exciting features. I also think that when it comes to design, size really does matter. None of this 32 inches nonsense, I want to see a device that’s at least 48 inches, preferably pushing 50 or 60 inches. Retina display? You bet…

I’m conscious that after only one paragraph, the price tag of my ideal Apple TV is somewhere in the region of $10,000, so I should probably tell you that what goes on in my head, isn’t really connected to reality, the ideas are only going to get more ridiculous… Now, let’s talk holograms…

I’m looking way into the future here, but when I picture the Apple TV, I can’t help but include holograms in my mind’s image. Whether that be 3D imaging featured in a movie or a television show, or a 3D menu application to make using your TV completely immersive I’m not sure. But couple that with some Kinect-like movement observation, and you even have the potential to manipulate 3D objects as they appear in front of you. You know, this sort of thing…

Obviously, Siri will be involved, allowing you to control your television using your voice alone, because I’m just too lazy to use a remote…

Alongside Siri and… er…. holograms, I’m seeing some serious potential for control using iPhone/iPod/iPads, perhaps over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I also think that the current AirPlay system is a really nifty feature, so that also has to make a return.

When it comes to content delivered, there’s going to be iTunes, for both music and movies. Alongside that, there is potential for Netflix, LoveFilm, Sky Go and more. I think it would be vital to have some live TV going, whether that be through cable subscription packages, or a more tailored experience. On the subject of Netflix and the like, an Apple TV opens up opportunities for HDTV dedicated apps, not only for media playback, but also for more creative ventures, such as gaming… In fact, with a little tailoring of some of the App Store’s finest gaming apps, Apple could create a television, and a console at the same time. Throw in a dedicated controller app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, and your HDTV comes ready to use as a console. There are some fantastic games available in the App Store, and with a little tinkering, I’m sure many people would be willing to invest in a gaming market that is significantly less costly than the likes of Xbox and Playstation.

On a wider scale, not only does Apple have the opportunity to bring customers a television set, but a complete media hub for the home which can take care of music, television, movies, family photos and videos. On top of that, there’s future scope for monitoring things like security in the home (CCTV monitoring) and also utility usage (tracking of gas, electricity, water and internet usage).

So there are just a few of my thoughts, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the features you’d like to see in an Apple TV, and I’d also like to hear your comments on the suggestions I’ve made. As always, be sure to leave a comment below, and follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen.

If Tim Cook happens to be reading this, then I am more than happy to discuss employment opportunities in the near future. 




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  • Tuliomesa82

    lol you can actually use your iphone 5 as the TV remote its meant to be xD

  • andrewgoguen

    I’d like the iTV to turn on greeting me in some pleasant way when I walk in the room with my iPhone (NFC I think) and I’d like it to wirelessly charge my iPhone. You know, since we’re speculating.

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