UPS worker steals a FedEx iPad delivery and is filmed doing so [video]

This is exactly why I’m glad delivery men in the UK don’t just leave expensive deliveries on my doorstep. If I’m not in, they’re taken back to the warehouse and delivery is re-scheduled. Check the video above and you’ll see a disturbing sequence of events take place.

Firstly, the FedEx man drops off a box (with an iPad inside). Later on a UPS guy delivers a parcel to the same address and leaves it on the doorstep. A little time goes by and he returns, grabs the FedEx box with the iPad inside, and takes it. I guess he didn’t know he was being filmed the whole time. I also guess he’ll probably lose his job once UPS HQ gets wind of it.

Via: PhoneArena

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  • MaeganBabcock

    I hope that UPS guy gets fired as well as criminally prosecuted.  He deserves it.

  • TiP_Cam

    @MaeganBabcock Couldn’t agree more.

  • allmotor91

    The iPad wouldn’t have been left but that paper he took was leave if no one is home form. All expensive apple products need a Signature.

  • Tuliomesa82

    the owner of the house had it coming, anyone could of came and stole those packages.

  • guest

    the owner left a note and now he gets blamed…HELLO, YOU DON”T STEAL PEOPLE!  and you damn sure don’t do it on the job!