Two iPhone 5 units per customer restriction removed by Apple

Late yesterday, Apple virtually confirmed that iPhone 5 stock is catching up with demand. Enough so, that customers are no longer required to stick to a measly two units each. (Sarcasm, who wants more than two. Honestly!) If you are one of the consumers who desperately had to absolutely come home with 3 iPhone 5s or you’d not get your dinner, you’ll be pleased. I jest. It may come in useful for anyone with a family plan with more than two lines who just happen to be due an upgraded at the same time.

On a more serious note. It is actually good that Apple has a restriction in place for brand new products. If it didn’t, scalpers would easily take advantage and grab as many as they could afford leaving genuine customers empty handed and very frustrated. With the device launching worldwide, and having been available for a while, that demand is virtually non-existent.

Via: Apple

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