Twitter search suggests iPad is 7 times more popular than its nearest competitor

Twitter user, @waxpancake has tweeted the image above after doing a little research. A 24-hour sample of peoples “first tweet from [tablet]” from Christmas Eve this year suggest that iPads were found under way more trees than any other tablet. In the one day period almost 1,800 tweets were sent from an iPad of some form. Its nearest competitor was the Amazon Kindle, then the Nexus with Microsoft’s Surface lagging way behind.

It’s important to note, this is not a proper scientific analysis of the market. That said, it’s still indicative of Apple’s popularity, and as the store images from near Beverly Hills suggest, this holiday season has been very profitable for Apple.

Via: Twitter

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  • NicolaiBak

    iPad can be 3 different devices, and the picture under the nexus nearly all says “nexus 7” so maybe that a thing to consider.

  • hamzabolt

    HOW did the Kindle beat the Nexus?!

  • hamzabolt

    @NicolaiBak You can only get 2 iPads- iPad Mini and Nexus 4.
    But actually I think I should add that the Nexuses are out of stock…

  • sirweezle

    @hamzabolt More than likely didn’t. The “study” is based on people being aware of this experiment, and people having/using a twitter account. Its like saying 90% of people buy apple products, when they only survey people walking out of an apple store.

  • Mediumsizedrob

    @sirweezle @hamzabolt is there any reason to think that kindle owners are more likely to have a twitter account than nexus 7 owners? I doubt it. Also it has nothing to do with anyone being aware of the experiment, the guy just searched and counted tweets.

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