Top searched gadget on Yahoo in 2012? The iPhone 5 of course

Does this really surprise you? Though Samsung may be ahead in total sales, it shouldn’t really be surprising that the iPhone 5 took number 1 in gadgets searched on Yahoo in 2012 (and #2 overall). Earlier it was also reported by Microsoft that the Cupertino device was the top ranked search for Bing this calendar year. Again the iPhone 5 beat out the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, and more. It’s obvious to me that people know the iPhone, and they want the iPhone. However Yahoo wanted to be clear that the iPhone 5 searches may not have all been positive, noting some missteps in the launch and following weeks:

But the rollout of the iPhone 5 wasn’t entirely smooth. A week after its launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized after users complained about the phone’s unreliable map app, which replaced the popular Google Maps from previous iterations.

Following the iPhone 5 as the #2 most searched for device in 2012 was the iPad. To top it off, at #3 was another Cupertino built device – the iPad mini. Keep in mind, the iPad mini has only been out a month or so. Sure it was rumored a while back (even since May I remember hearing about it), but how many people really pay attention to rumors other than tech fanatics? Not many. This shows where people’s minds, but maybe not their wallets, are wanting.

What do you think? Did this surprise you? Wondering how the iPhone 5 could be searched so much? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDownloadBlog, Yahoo

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