Top 5 Stories This Week: iPhone 5S in multicolor, Walmart discounting iDevices and more…

Life is busy, so we can forgive you for not having time to check an iPhone blog every day of your working week. So, just in case you missed anything exciting and/or thought provoking from during the week, here’s our top 5 stories from the past 7 days.

1. Rumor: “iPhone 5S” coming in June – featuring NFC, better camera and in multicolor

It’s no surprise to see an unreleased iPhone rumor topping the list of most popular articles. They always are. The fact is: we all love technology, and part of the joy of gadgets is finding out what’s coming next from our favorite fruit company. According to the most recent speculation, the iPhone “5S” will feature NFC, and enhanced camera and also be available in similar range of colors to the iPod touch.

2. iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPad all getting price cuts at Walmart starting December 17th

Exciting news from Walmart. The popular supermarket will be dropping the price of virtually all its iOS devices on Monday, December 17th.

3. Samsung pokes fun at Apple Maps fiasco

Samsung is well known for pulling pranks aimed at Apple in Australia. The latest is a a fast reaction to the news that Australian authorities are warning people not to use iOS 6 Maps, due to it leading people into the wilderness.

4. Is Google Maps a good or bad thing for Apple? Apparently, it’s both

Google Maps was launched on the App Store this week, and Market analysts believe it could be something of a two-edged sword for the iPhone. Will it stop Apple bothering with its own app, or could it even excite people again that they finally have a decent, free navigation app on their iOS devices.

5. iPhone 5 the Best Gadget of the Year according to Time Magazine

Time’s list of 2012’s best gadgets surprised us. Not only was the iPhone 5 top of the pile, but the Windows Surface made it on there, and Nest was only just in the top ten. What’s in there that shouldn’t be, and what should be there that isn’t?

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  • verthib1

    They better not waste their time and money on the 5S. They need to focus on the 6 and make that the best it can be.

  • MuhammadMarsh

    I think Time is is the only one that considers tje iphone 5 gadget of the year. It seems to be the Galaxy S3 just about everywhere else.

  • drumtech2011

    As soon as one product comes out they are already promoting the next. Kinda rediculas if you ask me.

  • The week, here’s our top 5 stories from the past 7 days.