Top 5 Stories of the Week – Apple TV, Apple Profits, Jailbreak Concepts and More

With Thanksgiving week behind us and our attention turned to the rest of the Holiday season, we’re confident that any Apple surprise announcements will wait till next year. If you haven’t caught all the news this week, we forgive you, but only after you catch the top 5 headlines this week. Without any more of my yawn-inducing writing, here’s this week’s top stories with each headline linking to the original article:

1. Awesome iOS concept shows redesigned notifications and UI

There’s little question that we all want to see a major overhaul to Apple’s notification screen and this concept might rank at the top of our list for moves Apple should make. Straight out of The Verge forums, this person left Apple’s skeuomorphic designs behind and designed a notification system that not only makes more sense, it makes it infinitely more useful.

2. Jailbreak for Apple TV 3 still very far off, new report suggests

While we’d love to see an actual Apple TV come to fruition, our love affair with Apple’s former “hobby” project continues. Adding functionality through Jailbreak, we were disappointed to learn this week that a jailbreak for the third-generation Apple TV is still “very far off.”

3. Can’t wait for the new iMac to arrive? Try a $540 Chinese clone… or not

This post went up just a few days before Apple’s new iMac line was released, allowing anyone who wanted an iMac look-a-like to grab a Chinese clone a few days ahead of schedule. Chinese clones of Apple products are hardly new, and in some cases are easily mistaken for the real thing. This time, the Windows 8 fish wallpaper tells us everything we need to know: this is one product you’ll want to avoid.

4. Apple’s profit compared to its competitors is enormous

Attention readers, prepare to be shocked as you learn that once again Apple continues its streak as the most profitable tech company the world over. Let’s be clear about one thing, Apple decimates the combination as the second highest number, $34.4 billion is a combination of Google, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon. Let’s recap that, the 6 next most profitable tech companies around the world can combine their profits and still fall some 7 billion behind our favorite fruit company.

5. The Lumawake smart iPhone dock has to make it to market, I’ll cry if it doesn’t

There are iPhone docks and then there is the Lumawake smartphone dock on the hunt for funding via its own homepage. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous and I seriously hope it gets manufactured and sold so I can give them out as holiday gifts. With the ability to connect to all the electrical items in your home and an open API so any developer can play around, the Lumawake dock looks like a must have for any iPhone fan.

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