TiP’s top stories of 2012: iPhone 5 launch, iOS 6 features plus more…

2012 has been an interesting year for Apple. It’s the first full calendar year to go by without Steve Jobs in charge and yet, it’s seen more new products launched than most previous years. I’d say Tim Cook’s done a great job since taking over, but, the big question is which of our articles were most popular with you, our readers? Here are the top articles from 2012.

1. iOS 6: All The Best, Hidden Features You Need To Know About

Our most popular article of the year was David’s breakdown of all the hidden gems within iOS 6 that Apple neglected to highlight during its hype-building Keynote events. From individual email signatures for each account through landscape browsing and App Store downloads, he covered it.

2. iPhone 5 launch event coverage

It comes as no surprise that the iPhone 5 launch event liveblog featured top on our readers’ browsing lists. During the event, Apple launched the latest and greatest smartphone alongside an updated iPod range. Although many were critical of the presentation, no one could argue against the fact that this is Apple best phone yet.

3. 7 must-have apps for iPhone 5

It took a while for many apps to be updated with iPhone 5 optimization. The early handful were certainly worth downloading and – sometimes – paying for. This list of 7 apps still holds even months later. From great games to the best apps for information consumption, it’s worth checking out even now.

4. HTC One X vs. iPhone 4S: Hardware

Back in April I took time out to compare the iPhone 4S with its biggest Android-powered competitor. The One X is still one of my all time favorite Android phones, and for good reason. It’s impressive in almost every way.

5. iPhone 5 camera samples – updated with night time/lowlight shots [Gallery]

No surprise to see an iPhone 5 article in the mix again. This time, it’s a collection of photographs I took on the opening weekend to give the camera a test.

What were the most important stories of 2012 in the tech world for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet me: @TiP_Cam 

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