Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5 is the best thin protective case on the market [VID + Gallery]

Cam checks out the impressive D30-lined Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPhone 5. Having been delighted by the first case – the Impact Band – in a previous review, he was surprised to like this one even more. In fact, it’s become his daily driver since putting it on. $34.95 in the States, £25 in the UK.

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  • elenaets

    I have seen a transparent one from this place

  • dwierc

    Cam, I love your articles.. This case is great, I must have a newer version of this though and maybe it would get 10.5/10 stars as the flimsy part that you complained about is much improved in the latest version. The one I received  has 2 pieces of rubber right between the lightning connector connecting the rubber part together.