Tablet battery life: iPad and iPad mini at the head of the pack

UK consumer information and watchdog site Which? has completed a survey of the worlds leading tablets in a bid to find out how each one manages its battery life, ideally with the view of informing consumers as to which tablet will give them the best battery life. As you may well have guessed from the title, it was a good day for Apple.

In conducting the test, Which? accounted for screen size and brightness. The tablets were divided into categories, with tablets over 9.4 inches in one category, and 7.9 inches and smaller in another for obvious reasons. A light meter was used to make sure that each screen was putting out 200 nits of brightness, and then Which tested the battery life of tablets whist browsing the web using both Wi-Fi and 3G; and then watching a video.

As, you can see, Apple’s iPad with Retina display, that’s the 4th generation, came out in first place with a very convincing set of results. The Retina iPad logged 811 minutes of usage, over 3 hours longer than the iPad 2, which came in second place. From there, a string of Android tablets and Microsoft’s Surface RT battled it out beneath them. When it came to the smaller category, Apple again emerged triumphant. The iPad mini clocked 783 minutes of usage, with the closest competitor being the Kindle Fire HD, which only managed 591 minutes. Close behind that was the Nexus 7 with 551 minutes, then the standard Kindle Fire with 437 minutes, and finally the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with a rather poor 425 minutes.

Which? is a completely independent organisation, and I don’t doubt the fairness of these results for a second. The findings are pretty convincing, and shows that when it comes to tablet batteries, Apple really is at the top of the class…

What are your thoughts on this? How important is battery life to you when you purchase a tablet? Leave a comment below and be sure to follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen


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  • It’s not surprising that Apple lead tha pack, it is already given that Apple will win the battery life challenge.

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