T-Mobile expected to sell 5 million iPhones in 2013

Earlier today we let you know that, after years of waiting, an official T-Mobile iPhone will hit US store shelves in 2013. Obviously this is great news for T-Mobile customers, but it also promises to be excellent business for both Apple and T-Mobile. Amit Daryanani, an analyst over at RBC Capital Markets, has used data from the sprint iPhone launch to form an educated guess about T-Mobile iPhone sales. According to him, 6.3 million iPhones during the first year of the devices availability on the network, which accounts for approximately 20% of Sprint’s subscribers. Now, if T-Mobile were to find a similar level of success – about 20% of its 24 million postpaid subscribers – the carrier can expect to sell anywhere from 4 to 5 million iPhones in 2013!

Reportedly, the deal between Apple and T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, includes an interesting new mode of purchase, more specifically, T-Mobile iPhone customers in the US will have to adhere to its unsubsidized “Value Plan.” This means that customers will be treated to cheaper rates for voice and data, but will have to pay a larger upfront cost to buy a new phone. This seems a little off putting at first, simply because the cheapest unsubsidized iPhone 5 is a hefty $649, T-Mobile has plans to make that price tag a bit less scary by a offering monthly finance plan, charging a flat sum up front and then a monthly fee to pay off the device in over time.

Daryanani also has high hopes for T-Mobile-branded iPads, particularly the entry-level iPad mini. All in all, this seems to be pretty awesome all around. I’ll be interested to see how this Value Plan thing pans out because people may initially complain about having to drop so much on a device, but I’m sure those same people will be bragging to their friends when they’re paying half of what their friends are per month.

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Via: AppleInsider

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    i love tmobile 

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    Will they be selling the iPhone 5 or only previous models?

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