Steve Jobs’ yacht impounded due to unpaid bill to designer Philippe Starck

We heard a little while back that Steve Jobs’ awesome looking yacht was finally completed in the Netherlands. The seaworthy vessel had been the fruit of 5 years hard work and design. At the end of it Steve Jobs’ widow gave all the engineers a commemorative iPod shuffle with a unique engraving, to say thank you.

Sadly, none of the family will be allowed to use it just yet as Philippe Starck has had his lawyers get it impounded over non-payment of the final installment of €3 million ($4M) in commission. Obviously, with Steve Jobs not being around any more the negotiations now need to take place between the two parties’ legal teams to settle the affair.

The Guardian reports that there was a lot of trust between Jobs and Starck and so the contract wasn’t particularly in depth. Hopefully this will be resolved swiftly.

Via: The Guardian

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