“Steve Jobs’ Vision of the World” video is a must-watch for young entrepreneurs

Usually when a video is involved, I put it at the top of the article. However this time, I wanted to say a little something first, because I know (or assume) most people will just watch the video without reading. This video is of Steve Jobs expressing is “vision of the world” some years back, as noticed by his bushier-than-usual facial hair that still has its natural dark brown color as well. This video has to be one of the best videos on YouTube, especially considering the length. It is only 46 seconds, but what you can take from it makes the value so much more than 46 seconds of your time. So go ahead and watch the video below. Enjoy.

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Via: inneractive, YouTube

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  • David Winegar

    As a person that has fought against just following the crowd all my life, this resonates with me! Apple, and Steve Jobs in particular, has opened the door to a revolution in how we all work and play, the problem now comes in getting past those that are just comfortable with same ol’ same ol’, because they are the ones that hold back innovation.

  • nick

    @David Winegar YOURE SUCH A REBEL!