“SnowSports Games and Apps” shows up in Apple TV menu

Oops! Looks like someone pushed the red button too soon on an Apple TV update file. As spotted by MacOSKen, a special holiday selection of games and apps has shown up in within the menu systems of the Apple TV. On user contact the blog with an image grabbed which clearly shows that games could well be on offer very soon on “The Puck”.

Well I think Apple has left an obvious clue that apps are coming to Apple TV. I was looking under classic movies and for Holidays it has SNOW SPORTS – Apps & Games. There is nothing for sale when you click on it… But I thought that an interesting little bit of info.”

Sadly, if you click on it, there’s nothing in the folder for sale. This could lead many to suspect that games will be coming to the Apple TV officially, or it could just be that someone made a mistake somewhere. I don’t doubt for a second that apps and games will make their way to Apple TV at some point. But, when? You can be sure I’ll actually buy one when they do come. I’ve resisted the urge up to now.

Via: MacOSKen

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