Shazam updates with new UI and new features

Shazam, everyone knows what it is. You can hold your phone up when a song is playing and it will tell you the name, artist, album, and more. It’s awesome. I use it all the time. Well, it has need a UI refresh in a while, and it finally got that today with version 5.5. As you can see above, the main listening screen has changed to a new look (which I think looks great). Also, there were some new features added, take a look at the full change log below to see what:

○ All new Tagging screen that responds to the sounds around you
○ Tagging without coverage? Shazam now matches automatically when you next have a connection
Search My Tags – scroll up to the top of the My Tags to search for artists, titles, tag dates and tag locations
○ Share tags on Google+
○ For VoiceOver users, Shazam now has a “magic tap”: start tagging immediately with a two-finger double-tap from anywhere in the app

Fixes & Improvements:
○ Pull to Refresh restored to Shazam Friends
○ Sharing Tags on Facebook now uses the iOS native sharing screen

That’s right, offline listening! If you don’t have service, it will keep it and tag it the next time you have a connection. That’s awesome. Some other new features include the ability to share to Google+, a “magic tap” where you can double tap two fingers anywhere in the app to start listening, and finally a better search. I’m excited about this update, and you should be too.

What do you think? Like the new update? Do you prefer something else over Shazam? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.

Via: iDownloadBlog, App Store

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