Rumor: “iPhone 5S” coming in June – featuring NFC, better camera and in multicolor

Let’s get one thing absolutely straight before I carry on: Analysts can sometimes be wrong. Please digest the following with one or two pinches of seasoning. The latest (via Business Insider) is a report written after speaking with analyst, Peter Misek who states that the next generation iPhone could land next summer, around the time of WWDC 2013.

Not only that, but, the “iPhone 5S” could come with a better camera system, NFC (finally) and 6-8 different colors (similar to the iPod touch 5G). In addition to those improvements, it could also come with a better battery.

We’ve already read about (and digested leaked images of) the alleged 6th generation iPhone. Sadly, with Apple’s reputation for keeping secrets, we’re not going to know anything for certain until Tim Cook and his re-shaped management team announces it on stage either at WWDC or at a bespoke launch later in the year.

Gone are the days of Apple’s predictable 12-month release cycles. The last few product devices have thrown the rule book out the window, and I can’t comment with any certainty whether we will or will not see an iPhone in the summer. Personally, I think it would be nice to see the return of a WWDC iPhone launch, leaving Fall events for refreshed iPods and iPads. But that’s just me.

Via: BusinessInsider

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  • JeffWilliams

    Well, that’d be about the time I’m upgrading, so… cool.

  • Cskeete

    @marcrjgagnon ouch… They need something new…soon!

  • HoranPJ

    @marcrjgagnon Damn and I was half way flame into buying one in January.

  • marcrjgagnon

    @HoranPJ keep an eye on it.

  • HoranPJ

    @marcrjgagnon thé helmet or thé phone.

  • marcrjgagnon

    @HoranPJ le helmet.