Quiz Cam – Ep. 1.0.3 – iPhone 5S, Coffee and Something About Android [VID]

Cam takes a few more of your questions. This week, there’s a broad range to cover from iPhone 5S rumors, iOS 7 and his preferred Android device. Comment below to have you questions and comments featured in next week’s episode. Or use the hashtag #QuizCam on twitter.

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  • ObviouslyNotKyleFrost

    Who is your favorite TiP writer? #QuizCam

  • parky190

    What’s your favorite kind of coffee or espresso?

  • Your blog caught my eye. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • MaeganBabcock

    If I could only buy one iOS device, it would be the iPhone 5.  I don’t like the Macs, and I don’t need an iPad.
    Are you drunk in this video?