Possible iOS 6 jailbreak date released, but some say stay skeptical

Jailbreaking has always been around in the world of iOS. Since iPhone OS 1.0 (as it was called then) there has been a way to open up your phone to things Apple has not allowed. Well, with better security and more robust releases, when a new release comes around it always takes longer than the last to find a way into the system. Someone today however, going by the name Dream JB, has come out to say that a release will be available on December 22nd. Another well known jailbreak developer by the name of MuscleNerd has posted this particular jailbreak in his list of “fakes”, however. So while this may be a true and a jailbreak is on the horizon, I would stay skeptical.

What do you think? Are you waiting for a jailbreak? Let us know in the comments.

Via: BGR, DreamJB

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  • Deke218

    Another reason I will never buy an iPhone.  I can’t believe they still lock them down.  That’s pretty much them saying you don’t really own the thing.