Number of babies named after Apple, Siri, and Mac increase in 2012

This made me laugh, honestly. According to BabyCenter’s most recent list of baby name usage, the name “Apple” jumped 585 positions for girl’s names, 15% over last year’s place. For boys, the name “Mac” rose 12% over last year. You can’t forget Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, who saw a rise of 5% in girl’s names. Like I said, this news just kind of made my chuckle. I may love Apple as a company, but I doubt I’d name my kid after its products, or Apple itself.

What do you think? Do you know someone named after Apple or its products? Did you name someone after it? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: TNW, BabyCenter

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  • BrandonCollins2

    The farthest i would go to naming my child after apple would be ‘Steve’, nothing crazier than that. I mean, who really thinks its a good idea to name your kid “siri” or “apple”, and thats coming from a fanboy!

  • paskwali

    I would name my baby Siri.. Until apple sues me for 2 billion dollars for infringing on their trademark.

  • SergioJaneiro

    @BrandonCollins2 I think Siri would be a good name for a girl, but not Apple or Mac.

  • LG3me

    My kids name is McCartney – nickname is Mac – does that count? (My wife thinks it was an innocent coincidence. Shhh!)

  • roboguy12

    @SergioJaneiro  @BrandonCollins2 Yeah, just look at Tom Cruise’s daughter. I don’t think that name was Apple-inspired, it’s just actually a good name.

  • dafuq

    I think Mac and Apple might be from the My Little Pony craze

  • Ally0203

    We named our daughter Siri, it’s Norwegian and its her great grandmothers name. We found out about the “assistant” being names Siri when I was 6 months pregnant. We chose the name before we even got pregnant. So we decided not to change her name. We love Apple products, but I wouldn’t name my child after one. It was a coincidence. :-/