Neat Chinese business scheme: Sell hugs to buy an iPhone 5

We often see odd business schemes from Chinese teenagers trying to fund Apple products. We’ve seen a kidney sold for an iPad 2, and college girl trying to trade sex for an iPhone 4S, but now what’s possibly the weirdest plan has emerged from the southeast Chinese city of  Xiamen, where a teenage girl has been selling hugs so that she can buy Apple’s latest smartphone.

The girl dressed in all black and held a sign that read (translated into English) “10 yuan for a hug, to collect money for iPhone 5” (10 yuan amounts to around US$1.60). Since the starting price of an iPhone 5 in China is 5,288 yuan (US$849, pretty steep, right?), she’ll be holding that sign for a while, as she’d need 529 hugs to raise that sort of money.

It’s been said that this particular incident shows that the girl is too materialistic, but – as MIC Gadget points out – “it is certainly a better and safer way to collect money for an iPhone than selling human organs or even immoral sex acts.”

Check out the video below to see her in action (it’s probably not the most interesting clip out there):


Via: MIC Gadget

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  • RaduTanasescu

    Well. At least she didn’t sell her kidneys.

  • Mike

    Yes, she will need them kidneys to drink away her buyers remorse