Multi-function devices are destroying sales of traditional MP3 players

This is nothing surprising. Since Apple very much pioneered the smartphone revolution with the original iPhone back in 2007 – and then the rise of tablets with the iPad in 2010 – our go-anywhere, handheld devices are becoming more and more capable of performing the tasks previously reserved for specialist gadgets. Because of this, traditional MP3 players are suffering from sales losses to more versatile mobile electronics.

I doubt anyone has an open jaw after reading that, but for the future of MP3 players, it’s catastrophic. Consumer retail research firm Mintel reckons that these devices will say goodbye to 22% of UK sales revenue in 2012.

The path ahead looks even bleaker for dedicated portable audio devices, with another forecast from Mintel showing sales halving in 2017 to £177M, but revenue could see a ‘worst-case’ (but still entirely possible) drop to £25 million, a £356 million drop compared to the firm’s sales estimate for 2012.

Whether or not MP3 player sales will eventually fizzle out for good is pretty difficult to tell at the moment, but one thing’s for sure; if Apple keeps updating its range of iPods, the dedicated audio player will almost certainly survive for a while longer.


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  • lean6rtj2

    If this is news to anyone, it would shock the heck outta me.

  • Cameron Buchan

    @lean6rtj2 Yeah, It’s pretty predictable, and it’s been inevitable for at least 4 years that people are no longer going to buy MP3 players