Mojo Vogue Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S: Review and Gallery

We all complain about: battery life. Battery life is just not what it could (or should) be. In order to combat this, companies have begun capitalizing on the less than adequate lifespans some of the phones have today. ibattz did exactly that with its Mojo Vogue case. But it had its drawbacks, as most battery cases do. This is broken down into 3 main sections, as I usually do. The sections for this case however will start with the main reason for getting it: battery life. After that will be style and protection, as you still want to protect your phone, that is why you got a case.

1. Battery Life

As the point of this case, other than protecting your phone, is to improve its battery life, I thought I’d talk about that first. Depending on how you used the included 1700 mAh batteries (it comes with 2), it would either last really long, or just a little over average. What I found is that if you turn it on right after unplugging your phone from the charger, it lasts much longer than letting the phone discharge then recharge then proceed to discharge again. Why this is, I can’t really tell you. However that is what I found. With that, an iPhone 4 lasted from 6AM until around 11:30PM with heavy use (checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day plus constant texting/iMessaging with a phone call or two) and only using one of the two included batteries. So this case can definitely carry you through the day. If you are a light user, you could most likely make it two days with this case. Another note of importance – you can charge both the case and phone at the same time using the included microUSB cable. It will charge the phone first, then charge the case. So overall, it does the job of keeping your phone’s battery up and running very well.

2. Style

This phone is not for those looking for something stylish. Granted, ibattz did its best, it is just hard to make a bulky case that has a removable battery look very good. It just makes the phone seem fat and heavy, especially now that I use an iPhone 5. One thing that I liked that ibattz did is it makes multiple different colors for the bumper that hold the phone to the case and also for the back cover. The different selections of colors definitely helps it look a little better, and gives the user that much more customizability.  The thickness and weight are not ideal, but I guess if you are looking for a case with an extra battery inside, thickness and weight aren’t on the top of your list of importance.

3. Protection

Protection is another important part of any case. If it doesn’t protect it, there isn’t really a point in having a case on it then, is there? The Mojo Vogue does a good job at protecting the phone, especially with its overly large back. The front is not very well protected however, and there isn’t really a “lip” to protect the screen when you lay the phone down face down either. If you are looking for something that is going to protect the entire phone while also charging it, this might not be your first choice. This section is one reason the rating got bumped down to a 7, as it isn’t really built for protection. Like I said though with the style, if you are solely looking for something to help battery life, this probably isn’t at the top of your list.

Over all, the case did its job well, and that was keeping the phone charged. The places it lost some points with me were the style and the protection the case offered. While it was good at charging, it lacked in those areas. If you are looking for a case to keep your phone charged, and has many different color combinations to choose from, this case would be great for you. If you are interested, you can check it out here: ibattz.

Check out the gallery of the case below.

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  • markz

    I got one of these for xmas and ive had it for a few months now and i can say that the product does as it states. i liked the ability to remove batteries until i actually started to realize it was pain to have extra batteries and know which one was charged or not. also the back plate get scratched fairly easy and makes the case look pretty bad quickly. My son bought a phonesuit elite in white and has had it for a bit less time than me and the case looks alot newer than mine and shes pretty rough on a phone.